Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Karstadt in Duesseldorf

The basement reminds me a lot of the Bloomingdales in New York. I love the beauty department and the chocolate and cupcake bar! It's a wonderful combination, for you can taste some cupcakes, while you try out the newest make up trend at Bobbie Brown etc. 

The first floor belongs to the women! Karstadt got all the important english brands and the top trends! I'm amazed by the Ted Baker section! 

Topshop had finally arrived Germany and started in Duesseldorf. It's only a small section but it's a good start ;) 

Like heaven on earth! The shoe section is my personal paradise and I could spend hours here... 

Back on the ground floor you can find wonderful handbags from Joop, DKNY, Aigner etc... They also have Accessorize, Cordello and an english jewelry section. 

After all, I can really say that Karstadt got amazing and hip. The american investment made Karstadt a bit like Bloomingdales and Barneys, which is great. New brands and a tidy store invite to a big shopping tour. 
Well the downside of this investment, are the prices. The brands are quite expensive. 
Still, it's worth a visit! 


  1. Oh man, jetzt habe ich doch eben wirklich auf "Sign Out" geklickt, statt auf Publish.... Also nochmal.

    Ich muss auch unbedingt nochmal zu Karstadt, weil bei uns in Hamburg ja jetzt auch ein kleiner Topshop da drin eröffnet hat :) Habe aber gehört, dass es ziemlich teuer sein soll, stimmt das?

    (I really have to go to Karstadt here in Hamburg because Topshop opened here, too. But i heard it's very expensive, right?)

    1. hm ja die Klamotten sind wirklich nicht unbedingt günstig und für den Schmuck, wie z.B. große Ketten muss man dann schon mal 20-30€ berappen.
      Leider ist die Auswahl auch sehr klein :(


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