Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Essentials...



Make up, Cover Stick, Concealer: Bobbie Brown// Candles: Parks// 
Blush: benefit// Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent

When winter comes my skin seems to get even paler and I need an extra light makeup. Bobbie Brown has ever shade of color, so that even I can find the best tone. To add some color I always use blush and a bright lipstick like the one from Yves Saint Laurent.


from the left: ANNY// Estée Lauder// P2// Ciaté// Kiko

When the days get darker I love dark nail polish. My favorite colors right now are a shimmering red from ANNY, a violett from Estee Lauder or a classic black from Ciaté. 
My nails are very weak but the nail strengthener from P2 is just perfect. 


from the left: stress fix: Aveda// Skin Perfection: L'oréal// Handcreme: L'Occitane 

The dry heat in our apartment and the cold outside is always challenging for my sensitive skin. But the "Perfection" serie from L'oreal seems to be perfect for me. The handcreme from L'Occtitane is a wonderful relief for my hands, as well as the stress fix from Aveda. 


from the left: tangle teezer// damage remedy: daily treatment, deep hair conditioner, shampoo: Aveda// Hair oil: L'oréal 

Now that my hair gets longer I need to take good care and use effective treatments. The new tangle teezer is a wonderful way to comb your hair, without ripping it out. I always use the hair oil before showering and after I dried my hair to add an extra shine. 

I hope you have a wonderful winter time! ;) 

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