Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm wondering...

Facebook couples

Lately, while scrolling down my facebook news, I recognize that more and more couples seem to spread there love life on facebook. They are posting thousands of photos, love messages and wall posts, as if they don't have another way to contact each other. 

Now in me the question grew if that's really neccessary. Why are they doing that? 
Do they really have to show the whole world how happy they are or do they simply want to torture us singles by sprawling there amorousness? 

I remember the times of loveletters and spoken words on the phone and no one had to know how much I loved my partner. Love was a private thing, a gift between two people alone. The pictures we took were for us and not for the whole world to see. 
Now loveletters are an old relict and mostly forgotten, a wall post has taken it's role. 
Well yes, it's not that much work. A love letter had to be planned wisely. You needed good paper, a good pencil and you took your time to find the right words. So in the end a love letter really expressed your feelings and meant something, because you put your efford in it. 
A wall post takes about one minute, which doesn't really mean efford to me. 
In the end you can't keep your wall post in a box under your bed, just to reread it after a time and smile again.
Wall posts are public and everyone can read it! Think: how many facebook do you have? Exactly. It's not romantic, it's not love, it's simply showoff, to me. 

No one, especially the singles, don't want to see happy couple photos. We don't want to know how happy you are, because maybe we're just out of an relationship or simply don't find the right one. So everytime we see these pictures, we are reminded of your situation. I'm not saying that singles are unhappy, not at all (I'm not ;) )  but too much love can make us sick. 

Facebook also can make relationships really complicated. I don't know how many fights I had because of facebook. It allows you to keep track of everything your partner does or who he knows. But do we really want that? In a relationship we're still two different individuals getting together, so we still should have our own life, without our partner. 

Perhaps my point of view is vintage but I really liked love letters and maybe it's time to just sit down and write one, instead of posting some shit on facebook just to make everyone know what's on your mind. 

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