Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping? I don't think so!

<p>Well I guess most ladies of you know the situation: you've got all your money together to go shopping! <br>
Since months wa had been planning this day: we had saved our money, found the perfect day, planned the route and gathered the best team! Everything was settled for the big day! <br>
And everything started perfectly: all of us( my friend M., her friend L., and my friends P.and D.) found what we were looking for. D even survived Primark with 4 crazy girls and carried our shopping bags. After 5 hard hours of shopping and 5 bags for me alone we decided it was time to bring our bags to the car and quickly buy the last stuff before we would move on to the next city. <br>
I think we left the unattended for about 40 minutes...when we came back the first thing I recognized the glas on my seat. While I was wondering where the glas came from I noticed my missing shopping bags and D.'s missing bag. With another look I saw that someone had broken the window and had stolen all I had bought! <br>
Luckily he didn't seem to have time to have time to steel the rest, he even forgot my ipod, which lay on the seat.
So we called the police, but all the friendly voice on the phone told me was: come to the station....well thanks a lot. While cleaning my car from the glas, a not so friendly homeless yelled at us and threatened us to call the police. Well all I can say is: go to the office, they are not willing to come!
After spending hours at the station, the result was: we would never get our money back and the only thing that could help me now was sushi!
In conclusion I have to say: never leave anything in your car!
And somehow I also got an happy end: my lovely dad gave me some money back so I could buy some new stuff ;)
But my heart will never forget the guy who ruined my special shopping day!

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