Wednesday, October 17, 2012

....and they lived happily ever after.

"Disney movies taught me a wrong image of love!"
That's a sentence I often hear from my friends and actually have used it myself many times.

While listening to "Moonriver" from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which always reminds me on my childhood dreams, I couldn't help but wonder: Do movies, we have watched as children, really teach us a wrong image of love and life?

I remember my dream as a little girl: I wanted to be a successful business lady, have a wonderful husband and children. But most of all I wanted to have a romantic love, as shown in the Disney movies.
But when I got older I realized that life just isn't a movie and a movie-like love doesn't exist either; instead I accepted reality: my boyfriend wasn't romantic, sweet and understanding and I thought well that's reality.

Of course men are not like the Disney princes and they won't do all of the crazy things men in movies do to win the woman of their heart, but do we have to give up our childhood dreams just because men have forgotten to be gentlemen?

I don't think so! Of course Disney movies will never be reality (thank God, otherwise animals suddenly would start talking!) but a decent amount of romantic should survive in our fast, modern world. Our modern devices, such as Internet, Smartphones and Email easily can kill the old romantic but it's our responsibility to protect it and keep it alive.
We have to be the ones to bring romantic back to 2012, so we don't have to give up our dream of prince charming, the magic kiss and an happy ever after.

So maybe Disney movies teach us an extreme image of love, but the basic idea isn't that wrong: fight for your love and dream. Perhaps that's what Walt Disney really wanted to tell us and perhaps we should start to be a little bit more childish and brave when it comes to love.
As a child in primary school we didn't think a million times about the consequences of a love letter, we simply wrote it. As a child we have been brave, maye sometimes too brave and careless but still it's been so much easier. Imagine what love could be like, if you would just have the courage to admit it to the person you love. I guess we would save a lot of time and concern.
For me being brave is very difficult but I promised myself, the next time I start seeing someone and realize that I really like him, I will try to find the courage to tell him; so that the next time won't end like my last date. Putting yourself in the other one's position: it can also be painful to wait for the other one to admit his/her feelings.
That's what happened to me: someone liked me, but I didn't find my courage to tell him, that I loved him too and so it was determined to fail (which it did).

So Disney wasn't that wrong ;)

Moonriver   from Breakfast at Tiffany's

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