Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where's the drama??!

A few months ago I met a very cute guy, who kept sending really sweet messages. But instead of simply smile and be happy about these nice words I did what I always do: I analysed the messages.

Standing in the elevator yesterday listening to two girls taking about a message a girl just got, analysing and dicussing what the guy had send, I realized that I wasn't the only one doing that.
In fact, it seems to be a girly habit to analyse boys messages or words.

So why are we doing that? Do we simply want to read (after hours of analysing) what we really want to hear, or is it that we can't accept the fact that men simply don't think that much about what they text?

I remember this one time, that I told my ex-boyfriend what I interpreted in his message and his only answer was: well, I answered you while I was sitting on the toilett.
That's an ugly truth hitting your face but that's how it is: men don't think much about what they write, the simply answer, without hidden messages. They are not writting a poet that you have to analyse doing your literature class.

But still we girls meet, sit together and discuss every detail the men of our affection did- and I do that myself!
Suddenly the way he entered the room gets interesting and has to be discussed, as well as the tone of his voice when he said "Hello".
We keep rereading messages over and over again, even though they are weeks old and try to find his hidden message, that might say us that he likes us.

So why are we making the situation more complicated than it even is? Do we have to create drama on our own if there is none?

All of these TV shows tell us that there has to be drama around a relationship before there can be an happy end. Imagine Carry and Big, Blair and Chuck or Meredith and Derek without drama! So in our own life, we expect the same.
But do men want all this drama? I guess not... there is a reason why they usually don't like these TV shows. For them life seems to be a little bit easier- they simply answer the messages.

And right now for me, it doesn't sound like a bad idea. Life's complicated enough on it's own and maybe we should lean back and simply smile when we receive the next sweet message. Of course we can talk to the girls about it but overanalysing also kills the sweetness of his words. Sometimes it's much better to keep this super-sweet goodnight message to ourselves.

Oh and how it ended with my cute guy? I overanalysed every detail and finally didn't get sweet messages anymore - and that's how it mostly ends with analyse sessions and creating drama. ;)

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