Monday, February 23, 2015

Food Guide for Heidelberg

Mandy's American Diner - The perfect Breakfast 

As many of you may know the Americans have been stationed in Heidelberg years ago (Elvis himself has been there!). That is only one reason, why the city has a special flair. This weekend we chose to taste real american food. After so much time in Germany, without having been in the US for years, it felt wonderful to taste the well-known flavours again. 

The "Mandy's Diner" is a little old wagon in the city centre of Heidelberg, with a real american atmosphere: old-school music by Berry White and Elvis, the smell of fresh french toast and pancakes and coffee as much as you want. But for you information: a reservation is not possible ;) 
You can see the exact address on the map: 
Speyerer Straße 1, Heidelberg

Visit the website here

Stift Neuburg - The best Dinner you can get 

In our modern times, where everything artificial seems to be more perfect than the nature itself (my man: "Why should I eat the same things that apes ate thousands of years ago?"), it's a pleasant surprise to find something different. The Klosterhof Neuburg in Heidelberg is such a lovely surprise! 
The vegetable used in the food is cropped by the monks there, the beer is super tasty because the ingredients are pure and not artificially changed and the meat does not come from suffering animals. 
The atmosphere at the farm is familiar and warm. 

You can find the restaurant here (make sure you drive up the little street, passing the cloister): 
Stiftweg 2, Heidelberg

Visit the website here

So I hope you got some inspiration for your next city trip ;) 


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