Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Weekend in Düsseldorf

The Kö Bogen 

The Kö "Graben" and the amazing Kö 

The best Bar in the city

Ever since I left Düsseldorf, I now realize how much I missed the city. My weekend there was amazing and the good weather made the day perfect! Especially the "Kö Bogen" (now that it is finally finished) looks stylish and cool. 
In Düsseldorf the fusion between the old and modern finds it's perfection. The Kö Bogen introduces the modern, clean architecture while the rest of the Kö and the old city shows the traditional architectural art. 

In my opinion the "Schlüssel" in the old town has the best "Altbier" and a great atmosphere! You should definitely visit it! 


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