Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Oscars - The worst Dresses ;)

One can't always be right... Still for the Oscars you should be sure. But there is always a next year ;) 

Lady GaGa in Azzadine Alaia 
Well we know that Lady GaGa is always up for crazy outfits (you will ever forget the meat dress ;) ), but cleaning glove for an oscar party? Not a good idea. 

Marion Cotillard in Dior 
Usually Marion Cotillard is known for her great style but personally I expected something "different". Still the women is a beauty and her talent can't not be denied. 

Felicitas Jones in Alexander McQueen 
The star of "Theory of Everything" decided to wear a little too much of everything. The pearl top could be pretty, but in combination with this horrible skirt (I personally hate these shiny skirts no matter if it's taft or silk, it somehow always looks cheap) it's just a No-Go. 
Still I love her hair and that smile.... ;) 

Solange Knowles in Christian Siriano 
After her "wedding dress" I sadly didn't expect anything good from her, and she didn't disappoint me. There is just one word for this outfit - No!

Scarlett Johansson in Versace 
Ach mann.... The dress could be so good! If it weren't for the necklace. That's simply too much. But I have to give her my greatest respect for that After-Baby-Body! 

There can't be only pretty dresses in the world and I know one thing for sure: They will appear on the Oscars. 

Still that's always entertaining ;) 

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